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Spring Fling 2021: Dancing Dandy

Hopefully, you have caught your breath from #50Precious Words, because Spring Fling 2021 is here! The rules are pretty simple. Find some inspiration in the form of a GIF and create a Spring themed story in less than 150 words. Sounds like fun, right?

My mind wandered all over the place with ideas for this one. Puddle jumping. A worm and butterfly having a tug-o-war. Salamander migration. But the one idea I couldn't stop thinking about was my insecure dandelion and her garden dance battle.

Best of luck to all of the participants. I can't wait to read your stories!


By Andrew Hacket

The day was just dawning, but up in a huff

was Dandy all fidgety fixing her fluff.

The Garden Dance Gala was starting at noon

and Dandy decided, “It’s my day to bloom!”

The sun climbed up higher, the buzzing began

the sound of the fabulous insect string band.

The dancing kicked off with a rainbow delight.

Each blossom competing, such a colorful sight.

"There's no time to lose! My moment is now.

To dance and chassé. To give them a wow!"

She frolicked and shimmied right into a spin.

She turned and she twirled, determined to win.

When at last she collapsed right there on the lawn,

the garden erupted all cheering her on.

A cloud of confetti surrounded her now

as she lifted her head and prepared for a bow.

Dandy had won! She’d strutted her stuff!

She'd dazzled and wowed them right out of her fluff.

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