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Daily Dozen Summer Writing Challenge Kickoff!

Updated: Jul 7

Today is the day my friends! I hope those pencils are sharpened and your computers are charged because our summer writing challenge has arrived.

The goal is simple.

Write or create new material for 12 minutes a day for the next two months. That's it!

Maybe you have been in a creative slump.

Maybe you need the kick in the pants to start something new.

Maybe you are looking to build a writing habit.

Maybe it is finally time to tackle that idea that has been nagging at the back of your mind for longer than you care to admit.

Maybe you are ready to hop genres.

Maybe you joined 12X12 and realized the year is half over!

Maybe you have kidlit FOMO and are jumping aboard to not miss out.

Maybe you are here for the prizes. Oh yay, we have prizes!

Whatever your reason, I am thrilled that you are taking on the challenge and I hope that these daily 12 minutes become a bright spot in your day that you look forward to.

I hope they become a no stress time to let the words flow from your mind to the blank page without that pesky inner critic butting in.

I hope they become a time for you to play freely with your imagination and be surprised by what presents itself to you.

There is so much potential in these 12 tiny minutes to grow into something spectacular and I can't wait to hear about what you create!

All that is left to do is to comment on this post to officially enter the challenge. So comment away and then get writing!!!


  1. Leave a comment to officially join the challenge.

  2. Grab a recording sheet to help track your progress.

  3. Join our Facebook group

  4. Check out the prizes

  5. Support our prize donors

  6. Spread the word about the challenge

Recording sheet

This challenge is completely on the honors system, but if you are like me and you like to see the progress stack up, feel free to snag the daily dozen recording sheet and color in each day that you meet your goal.

And if you are looking for some support and camaraderie along the way hop over to our Facebook group and join the conversation.


As usual, the kidlit community has come through in a big way! Check out the amazing prizes being offered by our generous donors! And while you are at it please support them and their books in whatever way is best for you. Reviews, library requests, purchases, and posts all help spread the word about their work.

And if you are a kidlit creative who would like to contribute a prize there is still time.

Click here and let me know what you are thinking and we will add you to our collection of giveaways!

1. Srividhya Venkat - a 30-minute Zoom call

2. Melissa Stiveson

Prize 1 - non rhyming, pb manuscript critique

Prize 2 - Virtual Author Visit

3. Kim-Hoa Ung - A giant crocheted pencil plushie

4. Kate Narita - winner's choice of...

a. picture book critique 1,000 words or less

b. picture book critique 500 words or less of rhyming, fiction or non fiction

c. a fiction mg critique of first chapter or first ten pages

d. a 30 minute Zoom call for pb or mg writer

5. Lisa Katzenberger - Fiction picture book, non rhyming critique

6. Randi Lynn Mrvos - A non-rhyming fiction picture book manuscript less than 600 words

7. Nadia Ali - A non rhyming, fiction picture book manuscript less than 600 words

8. Wendy Greenley - One signed copy of my PB Lola Shapes the Sky - us only

9. Christine Van Zandt - First 500 words critique. Applies to any single manuscript, adult or children's, fiction or nonfiction. Text only. Prose only. Want to know if your opening hooks the reader? I'll provide constructive criticism on your first 500 words. I'm an experienced freelance editor and book coach.

10. Jenny Turnbull - Author copy of Tate’s Wild Rescue

11. Brenna Jeanneret - winner's choice of a critique, copy of The Law of Birthdays, or an 30-minute AMA

12. Trenise Sabin - non rhyming, fiction pb critique under 800 words

13. Victoria Chapman - art print

14. Andrew Hacket - 3 winners

a. non rhyming, fiction picture book critique

b. signed copy of one of Andrew's books (US only)

c. 30-minute Zoom AMA

15. Pam Vaughan - 2 winners

a. 30-min AMA zoom/phone call

b. Signed copy of Missy Wants a Mammoth

16. Jocelyn Rish - A 1,000 words or less picture book critique of any type

17. Rachell Abalos - 2 winners

a. A non-rhyming PB critique (1,000 words or less)

b. 30-minute Zoom (for AMA or virtual author visit)

18. Stephanie Owen - a picture book critique (any type of picture book even rhyme!)

19. Anita Yasuda - 30-minute Zoom call AMA

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76 comentários

12 hours ago

I just saw this now and could use the motivation! What a wonderfully easy push for writers and amazing opportunity to take advantage of these generous author prizes!


Teresa Rodrigues
Teresa Rodrigues
a day ago

I just came across this challenge, and although I'm a bit late, count me in! Thanks for hosting, Andrew!🤗


Mona Pease
Mona Pease
4 days ago

Just saw this after reading your interview with Vivian Kirkfield. Ive been in a slump, so I'm in! And, I'll make up the minutes I've missed!


Claudia Sloan
Claudia Sloan
5 days ago

I'm in! ...just learned about this from another author but I've been making an effort to write daily while away from home. This will increase my motivation :-)


5 days ago

In a writing slump and this looks like a good way to write my way out of it!

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