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50 Precious Words 2021 THE SECRET PLACE

I am so excited to participate in Vivian Kirkfield's 50 Precious Words contest. I LOVE writing contests and all the limitations and word counts that come with them. I find that the rules and restrictions of these contests stimulate my imagination and push my creativity outside of my comfort zone. They have helped me build my craft and revealed sides of my voice I didn't know I had.

But could I really write a story with a beginning, middle, and end in less than 50 words? This was a challenge I had to accept.

If you haven't entered yet, there is still time. The submission window closes on 3/7/21. And if you are in need of more kidlit events this week check out PitMad and Hollie Wolverton's first draft challenge.


By Andrew Hacket

The Secret Place waits.

Alone. Forgotten.

Whispers a wish to the wind.


A girl.

The girl.


Lonely. Alone.

Different. Grown.

Eyes searching, memories awaken.

Brook splashing.

Dream sharing.

Evergreen scaling.

A sigh. A smile.

“My secret place.”

Remembered. Together.

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