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1st Annual Kidlit Solstice Surprise Book Bash

Inspired by a Twitter exchange between my friend, the amazing author of A COSTUME FOR CHARLY, CK Malone and the Godfather of CookiePitch himself, Mark Wright, I bring you the 1st annual...

Solstice Surprise Book Bash!

Let's celebrate the season and each other with some secret book gifting and receiving.

Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up to join the fun, here. (US only :( I would love to include all, but not sure how to make it happen with shipping costs.)

  2. Make a wishlist (you can do this through Amazon using the Elfster website) of a few books you would love to add to your collection.

  3. In the comment section include a link to your local indie bookstore.

  4. Between 12/6 and 12/7 you will be randomly assigned a partner.

  5. Check out their wishlist.

  6. Choose one book to purchase and send to your partner by 12/18/22. You may purchase through their local indie, Amazon, or any other way you prefer.

  7. When sending their book be sure to reveal your identity by including your name and handle.

  8. Post your new book and gratitude on social media using #SolsticeSurpriseBookBash.

  9. Join us if you can on the Winter Solstice, 12/21/22 for a virtual book bash celebration (Twitter chat or Zoom, still figuring it out) where we can all enjoy some merriment, chat, and maybe have a few additional surprise giveaways. Time TBD.

That's it! I hope you join us in the spirit of giving and our shared love of books!

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1 komentář

26. 11. 2022

This is an amazing idea!!! I am in!

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