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11th Annual Halloweensie Contest!!!

After being on a revision marathon all summer, Susanna Leonard Hill's 11th annual Halloweensie contest was just what I needed to spark some creativity and write something new. I hope you enjoy my entry, loosely inspired by my 4-year-olds bathroom antics.


By Andrew Hacket

100 Words

Halloween night.

Goosebumps bristle

as monsters arrive, goodies in hand.

Time to party.

“Too little,” they say. I’m ushered away.

I stand in my lavatory, laboratory.

My cauldron, shiny white.

A trick up my sleeve.

Time to mix.

Time to make.



But footsteps on stairs means hurry,

move quick. Too rushed to measure, I toss it all in.

With a flush of excitement, I give it a whirl.

The cauldron strains,

gurgles, groans,

about to explode.

My family bursts in

as the toilet erupts.

They’re now dripping in slime

that glows-in-the-dark.

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