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Illustrated by Kaz Windness
(Page Street Kids, April 9, 2024)

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Ollie Alexander Kandersteen, successful amateur gardener, longs to be a tree: Strong. Tall. And mighty enough to stand up to Everett, the bully next door. Ollie is rather short for his age, and when things are too heavy or too high to reach, Everett is sure to point it out. Ollie wilts, he withers. Inside and out, he feels small.

But when Everett, feeling jealous of Ollie’s gardening skills, steals Ollie’s sapling, an idea takes root…
“I couldn’t. I shouldn’t.”
But he does! Ollie SWALLOWS an acorn. He waits, wonders, and rumbles … Burp!

With a little care and cultivation, a tree-mendous transformation begins! Ollie’s feet root, his arms branch, his locks leaf, and his limbs stretch to the clouds. He’s finally strong and tall enough to confront Everett. But when he does, he finds out that being the biggest doesn’t always mean you’re the mightiest and getting even with a bully might just make you feel smaller than ever.

Readers of all ages will root for and relate to Ollie in this whimsical story about working together despite differences, the power of kindness, and what it truly means to be mighty.


Illustrated by Jan Dolby
(The Little Press, May 1,  2024)



Everyone far and wide loves Curlilocks' hair. Everyone except for Curlilocks.

With picture day fast approaching, Curlilocks is ready to quit her curls. When she finds the three Hares of the local salon have hopped out, Curlilocks chooses to take her hair into her own hands. Dripping dye, sizzling styles, and excess accessories lead to 'hair'larious results that leave Curlilocks in a tangle. She will need a curltastic idea to reclaim her mane and her confidence before picture day.


Illustrated by Svetla Radivoeva

(WorthyKids, May 28, 2024)



Discover the soothing power of the sea in this stirring story of loneliness, friendship, and the power of an open heart.

As Hope huddles on the shore, feeling big feelings of sadness, Sea approaches. First a gentle wave, then a misty spray, followed by the toss of a seashell, and a race along the shoreline. With each overture from Sea, Hope’s heart opens just a bit more, until finally a burst of laughter escapes and her loneliness recedes along with the waves. With its gentle and poetic language, this uplifting story looks at the importance of friendship and encourages children to open their hearts to the world around them.


Haunted States of America
Illustrated by Solomon Hughes
(Godwin Books, July 9
, 2024)

Fifty two different stories. Fifty two different Authors. Endless fright for all ages.

Every state has an urban legend that evokes fear and curiosity in equal parts, and we've chronicled all of these logic-defying horrors here in the Haunted States of America anthology.

From the Jersey Devil to La Llorona, each story included introduces a new chill inducing, stomach churning monster, spectre, or poltergeist certain to keep you up at night. A broad ranging collection of authors, including seasoned veterans and some first timers making a fright-tastic debut, have all united to unearth the scariest lore from each state in the US, as well as D.C. and Puerto Rico. Make sure to strap in for this spooky cross country tour, but be extra careful not to let any of these terrors follow you home.




GNOMES & UNGNOMES: Poems of Hidden Creatures
By The Writers' Loft Authors and Illustrators
(December 1
, 2023)


Travel the world of mythological creatures!

GNOMES and UNGNOMES: Poems of Hidden Creatures is a collection of over 100 original, illustrated poems about mythological creatures. Criss-cross the globe through the lens of over 100 authors and illustrators. From the nightmare-eating Baku of Japan to the weather-weaving Acalica fairies in Bolivia. Can you keep track of all seven heads of the Cambrian dragon? Do you want to know what's inside a unicorn's horn? Can you spot Spectre Moose in Maine? Flip the page to India and behold the stunning 9-animal patchwork Navagunjara. Or pop into a middle school dance just in time to watch Big Foot stomp on his date's toe! Oh no!

From the tourist-terrorizing Drop Bears of Australia to the fireball Soucoyant of the Caribbean, this anthology is packed with more mermaids, gnomes, and other mythological creatures than you can point a shaky camera at. With over 13 different types of poems, this book is an unbelievable poetry resource for teachers, librarians, and parents. Whatever you do, don't forget to find the hidden gnome on every spread!

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