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Fall Writing Frenzy 2020

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

I am thrilled to have stumbled upon this contest. For one, it just seems like a ton of fun. Second, the piece that came out of me surprised me. It broadened my view of myself as an author and opened my mind to exploring new styles and genres. Last, the connections and openness of this community is incredible and welcoming. As a result of less than 200 words I have been fortunate to cross paths with amazing critique partners with whom I hope to continue collaborating.

Image 13, courtesy of Laura Roettiger

The Stars You Don't See

W.C. 197

As the sun begins to dip,

Dad and I climb.

The white pines ushering us upward become sparse.

Anticipation masks the aches in my legs.

A little further and...


We are alone, but together.

The world, ours.

The sun gently touches the horizon.

A goodnight kiss.

I look to Dad. His silhouette outlined in the ombre twilight.

In a moment,

night has arrived.

Stars wink into view. I crane my neck back.

Eyes searching.

Heart hoping.

“Ursa minor.” Dad points. “There you are, my little bear.”

He tousles my hair and pulls me in tight.

I blink back tears.

“Can’t find Ursa major?” Dad asks knowingly.

“Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they’re gone,” he whispers through a gentle smile.

His hand swallows mine.

Squeeze, squeeze.

We cuddle together beneath the stars,

both seen and unseen.

Wrapped in Dad’s warm embrace, I drift to sleep.

That was long ago.

Now I climb


The breeze offers a comforting breath of a hug.

The sun gently kisses the horizon.

A goodnight kiss.

I glance to my side before looking skyward.

Just because you can’t see them,

doesn’t mean they’re gone.


but together.

Goodnight Dad.

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