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2nd Annual Solstice Surprise Book Bash Celebration

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Solstice Surprise Book Bash Celebration!

Last year our Book Bash chat on Twitter was a huge success, however, as we all know the landscape of kidlit social media has changed over the year and I wanted to be sure my friends who have migrated away from the app formally known as Twitter still had a chance to participate.

Thus, I bring you the Book Bash 23 blog post edition - cue horns, sirens, and confetti explosions!

While a blog post lacks the connection and interaction that comes from a live chat, I am hopeful that it will still provide a little bit of picturebook fun, a moment of reflection, and a whole lot of opportunities to win one of the 30+ prizes that were so generously donated for this event. So without further ado, please enjoy the Book Bash 2023, blog post edition!


It wouldn't be a party without some entertainment. Click through the 7 slides below for a bit of kid lit guessing fun! Each puzzle is numbered so feel free to leave a comment with your guesses!


What would the end of the year be without a little reflection? Grab a piece of paper or open a new doc, think through the questions below, and celebrate each and every little success you had this year while starting to let your imagination wander to your goals and dreams for 2024.

P.S. Yes, the numbering of the questions is messed up. You are not mistaken, there is no question 1 or 2.


When I put out the call for donations for this little event, never did I imagine the generosity that would be offered my way. 34 kid lit pals stepped up including authors, illustrators, agents, and editors to offer query critiques, manuscript critiques, artwork, AMAs, school visits, coffee, and books, books, books!!!

To enter please leave a comment with the type of prize/s you hope to win.


  • query critique

  • manuscript critique

  • AMA

  • Author visit

  • Book

  • Coffee

  • Art

You are welcome to ask for more than one type of prize and if you are the nonpicky variety, feel free to comment with "ALL". I promise to not judge you because I would want all of these prizes, too.

Winners will be randomly selected and I hope to connect all of the winners and donors before the new year.

Like I said, I am blown away by these donors and their generosity. Please consider supporting them (I know there are a lot of them) by following them on their socials, marking their books as 'Want to Read' on Goodreads, preordering, making a library request, or leaving an honest review.

Yes, these steps take a little work, but they are the best way to show our support to these incredible creators and to help their books reach as many people as possible.

And if you have any energy left, I would greatly appreciate your support as well.

Please consider marking my books as 'Want to Read' on GoodReads and/or signing up to be a member of my 2024 Street Team.





I cannot thank the members of this kidlit community enough. Thank you for your friendship, your knowledge, and your support of the blog, this event, and my books. It means so much and is greatly appreciated.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and I can't wait to continue to connect in 2024!

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Dec 22, 2023

What a fun blog post, Andrew! Great authors to follow and wonderful prizes. Such a generous KidLit community. A critique is always my favorite prize : ) Merry Christmas!


Dec 22, 2023

I'm so sorry I missed tonight - I spent the evening at the emergency vet. This would have been much more fun to say the least! (Dog is ok, getting stitches in her eye).

Andrew Hacket
Andrew Hacket
Dec 22, 2023
Replying to

So sorry to hear this, but glad the dog is ok. Once you have had a chance to rest, feel free to comment on this post or check out #BookBash23 on Twitter and you can engage with the posts after the fact and still enter to win some wonderful prizes.


Stephanie Maksymiw
Stephanie Maksymiw
Dec 22, 2023

Thanks Andrew for putting this all together. And I'm so glad this is a blog post, I truly thought you were going to hold a 2 hour zoom session and no one would want to see me in my Xmas Yeti PJs.

I'm putting this all in one comment.

I'm so bad at figuring out these pictures. Only three I'm confident in:

3. Bitsy Bat

4. The Wishing Flower

5. B is for Bananas

Don't Let the Pigeon Wrap the Presents.

Q3 - Favorite PB this year was Groundhog Gets It Wrong by Jessica Townes and illustrated by Nicole Miles.

Q5 - Recent brag is I think a haiku of mine was selected to become a poster that'll be hung…

Andrew Hacket
Andrew Hacket
Dec 22, 2023
Replying to

That would be such a long call. We are having a Twitter/X chat now, but no Zoom. The blog post is just another way to make the info accessible to all. Thanks for joining in!

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